Recycling of Plastic scrap Nylon LDPE Waste

Over a number of years, nylon LDPE (low-density polyethylene) production has increased a lot because of its properties such as light weight, low moisture permeability, and higher strength. According to a study, around 9 billion plastic has been produced till now, and the huge amount of plastic waste is thrown in trash that has rung alarm bells.

Because only 9% plastic waste is recycled and the rest is thrown in garbage, it is deteriorating our environment. We are committed to sustain green environment and therefore we use ways to recycle nylon LDPE scrap. One of the biggest reasons of hurling the waste in open yards is that a handful of recycling companies can recycle this waste, and Rexaw is one of them. Our team has a great expertise in recycling nylon LDPE scrap material.

We collect nylon LDPE scrap from companies and dump it into a an extruder where it is transformed into granules and flakes for the production of new plastic products. The process goes through four phases – grinding, washing, floatation, and centrifugation. We ensure to produce high-end granules that are tested as per international standards to meet clients’ requirements.

Contact us if you want to get rid of nylon LDPE scrap. We will turn it into fresh plastic products.

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