Recycling of Polyester LDPE Coated Lamination

Polyester coated lamination is widely used in cereal bags, trash bags, wrappers, sanitary products, and much more. The properties such as light weight, high resistance, and great strength have made its use popular, but it is gradually deteriorating our green environment.

We have moved to the forefront of new scientific ways into recycling that encourage us to undertake the most challenging recycling projects. Plastic lamination recycling is a herculean task, but Rexaw has found ways of its recycling.

Polyester LDPE coated lamination film usually ends up with incineration, but we have a brilliant way of its recycling without compromising with the quality of air. We have big plants or extruders that are specifically designed for shredding waste and turning it into granules. These granules can be further sent to plastic manufacturing companies which transform them into fresh and new plastic products. We assure the quality of granules as per international standards that would specifically meet our clients’ requirements.

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