Recycling of Tyre and rubber

Over a number of years, the waste of rubber and tyres has amplified that is causing detrimental effects to our environment. Every year gargantuan amount of rubber waste is produced by industries that is not only affecting our environment, but our society as well. In order to protect our society and environment from hazardous effects, we foreground the strategies to reduce rubber waste material.

One of the biggest problems with huge deposit of rubber waste to landfill sites is leaching. The waste contains some chemicals that leach into the environment and spread pollution. Since tyres and rubber are recyclable and can be turned into high-quality fuel, we collect the waste directly from companies and send it to a processing plant.

We always emphasise on the immediate collection of rubber waste as hollow part of worn tyres store water and breed pests that consequently pollute our environment and spread diseases. Another major concern of shabby tyres is fire risk. They can catch untamed flames by fierce heat that release carcinogens and other harmful chemicals leading to air pollution.

To avoid these problems, we encourage companies not to throw tyres and burn them in open environment. Instead, contact us. We will collect shabby tyres and turn them into high-end fuel. Discarded tyres are a great source for fuel generation. We use a catalytic process that turn used tyres into fuel.

It can be whole or shredded tyres when it comes to turning them into high-quality fuel. We use combustion units and latest technology to recycle tyres and rubber. Shabby tyres are cut into pieces to fit them into kilns, and then added to cracking catalyst and a base oil. The entire process is done in an enclosed environment to prevent the production of toxic gases.

So if you are looking for rubber waste management services. Contact us. We can provide you with best solutions to support sustainable development.

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