Services Procedure and Terms


  • To safeguard the Monopoly of the industry from where the scrap is brought, we make sure that no delicacy or misuse is done of any of your products.
  • To prevent delicacy and to maintain the trust with the factory from where we buy scrap materials. The scrap material is destroyed before purchase and the loaded in our trucks.
  • If the factory gives the permit, then prior to buying the scrap, it is shredded the completely in their factory and then bought.
  • If not at customer/industry’s location, the scrap can be brought to our plant to diminish and shred it completely.A complete video for customer/industry is filmed showing the whole process recycling from initiation to completion.


  • Services Are Provided 24×7 Irrespective of Holidays, Festivals or Any Other Occasion.
  • During Audits Our Workershave the Potenial to Work Double Shift to Clear Off All the Stored Vehicles.
  • All the Payments for the Scrap Materials Will Be Made in Advance.
  • All the Services Provided Will Becomplaint With the Saftey and Environment Regulations.
  • All the Transporation Means Will Be Provided by Us Anytime Anyday.
  • All the Labour Will Be Provided by Us Complying With Their Safety Regulations.
  • Completetransparency in the environment.


  • All the Payments Against the Scrap Can Made in Advance
  • Payments Can Be Made by Any Means Rtgs,neft,cheque,imps.

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