Tetra Pack and Aseptic Packaging Laminated Paper



We deal in all types of plastic waste, Tetra-pak & Other Aseptic Packaging material – be it soft or hard materials we recycle it and get fuel out of it . The company will analyze the customer/company’s recycling needs and offer them a customized solution for its collection. Transportation is provided sporadically depending upon the volume of the plastic waste material. The waste is pulverized before piling it up in the trucks and then bringing it to furnaces, where it is recycled as per the latest standard environment regulations.


Our Company has innovated on a new technique to recycle Tetrapak and other aseptic laminated paper into reusable building material such as roof sheets, furniture, etc.

Rexaw Chip Boards  are actually better than the conventional fibrocement and corrugated G.l. sheets they replace. They are waterproof, rustproof, and absorb much less heat.

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